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Liberty & Freedom
are the cornerstones of America’s democracy, and Andy understands these values well – as they were taken away from him and his family when the communists overran South Vietnam in 1975. After braving the Pacific Ocean and gaining political asylum in the United States, he regained his freedom and pledged to always protect and preserve it.

Transportation is one of the most effective ways to improve real estate value, enable residential and commercial developments, spur economic development activities, and propel job creation. From inner city roadways to interstate highways, transportation in Tarrant County and North Texas means workforce mobility, commercial access, logistical movement of goods and supplies, and quality of life. As the population of Texas rises, Andy is committed to thinking outside of the box on transportation issues and encouraging growth for the future economy.

Economic Development can happen and business can flourish if government stays out of the way; however, Andy does believe that economic development tools, like the Tax Increment Financing Zone, Chapter 380/381, and Tax Abatement, can be used skillfully to stimulate economic activities and further job growth. Commissioner Andy Nguyen and Tarrant County have been cautiously proactive in partnering with our cities to create economic development zones and increase employment opportunities with great examples of success.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of innovation, risk taking, and plain old hard work. The entrepreneurial spirit is the intangible catalyst of any economic growth and we can work to harness this energy by connecting it with intellectual assets like the University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant County Community College, and the many successful business organizations in our area.

Serving our Seniors is a critical component to lessen the isolation and difficulties our seniors endure. Andy teams with community partners like Sixty & Better and Catholics Charities to provide transportation for our seniors and brings social and medical services to them through wellness fairs. He established a meal program at an adult day care center in Dalworthington Gardens and hosts quarterly Commissioner Cares events at senior centers throughout Precinct 2.

Family is the fundamental unit of our society. The healthier our families, the more secure we are as a society, but every day we are fighting against systemic family problems like domestic violence, child abuse, gang activity, senior isolation, teen pregnancies, and poverty. If family units become stronger, in the long run, government and our society will spend less money on social problems. Andy sees the family as the most important institution of our nation.

Healthcare is worrisome for everyone, including retirees, active employees, and citizens of Tarrant County, due to rising costs and unpredictability. While concerned with the unreasonable mandates of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), as a board member of the Public Employee Benefit Cooperative, Andy must focus on making prudent healthcare benefit decisions for Tarrant County employees and retirees.  As a member of the Commissioners Court, Andy actively works with the leadership of the county hospital district to solidify the healthcare safety net for people who face disadvantageous situations and continues to come up with solutions to provide effective and convenient care.

Open and Accountable Government is a government accountable to the citizens and the community. Andy is always looking for ways to make Tarrant County more transparent in its daily operations. Some of those initiatives have included adding an Open Books portal online so the public can now see the details of all financial documents, meeting minutes and departmental contact information. In addition, the county checkbook is available online and now the county hospital district meetings are streamed live. Andy is a public servant that works for the people by ensuring access to Tarrant County government.

Fiscal Responsibility to Commissioner Nguyen means the obligation to work within the available financial resources to maximize quality, efficiency and delivery of services, and to do so in ways that help expand the economic base of Tarrant County. Andy understands the horizontal nature of county government, in which collaborative partnerships are more effective than confrontational demands for results.

Combating Truancy, or excessive school absences, has been a decade-old challenge for our local school districts. Truancy is one of the symptoms of the troubling home environment. Simple statistics show that one in three juveniles sent to a locked down facility operated by the Texas Youth Commission has already dropped out of school and more than 80% of Texas adult prison inmates are school dropouts. (Texas School to Prison Pipeline, Dropout to Incarceration, Texas Appleseed, October 2007.) Commissioner Nguyen continues to work with his colleagues and the Arlington Independent School District to implement a comprehensive truancy prevention and student advancement model with special focus on early and constructive intervention, with supportive case management.

Education empowers communities. Commissioner Nguyen is an example of how America and its vast educational opportunities help immigrants successfully pursue the American dream. As a County Commissioner, Andy collaborates with the public school districts in Precinct 2 as well as education-focused nonprofit organizations to improve education and develop emerging leaders for tomorrow. 

Community Safety and Security is one of his number one priorities as County Commissioner – as he works with community and neighborhood leaders to emphasize what people can do to keep their families, homes and businesses free from crime. An ally to our District Attorney, Sheriff, Constables, police force, firefighters, and military, Andy builds cooperation and communication among all of our public servants – so that we have the safest Tarrant County that we can have. He, along with others, participates in the National Night Out activities to promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

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